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The Sunshine Coasts friendliest archery club!

Attention Members and our Local Community:


Notice to members
The club rules page has been amended to reflect changes discussed at the general meeting and or committee meetings. These changes have been made to offer a greater level of safety for our members and to ensure the longevity of our targets.

The Sunshine Coast Bowmen range is strictly for members and invited guests only. If you are not a member or a guest approved by a club official, then being on club grounds is trespass on both private property and traversing QLD Education property without permission. You risk prosecution by entering our grounds without permission. All members can expect that someone will ask them to show proof of membership at anytime (this is a condition of membership). You will be asked to leave if membership cannot be proven, failure to leave will result in further action including risking current/future membership or the matter being reported to the Police.
Sunshine Coast Bowmen has returned to full operation in accordance with the legislation provided by the Qld Governments Covid 19 Safe Plan for Outdoor Recreation Activity Providers.

Welcome to Sunshine Coast Bowmen Inc

You most likely have not seen any field archery clubs at practice, because unlike our formal target archery counterparts, our sport is conducted in bushland and forest, around courses where targets are placed in as natural environment as possible.

Field archery is a family sport, but one where an individual can choose to participate as frequently or as competitively as desired. Our sport combines the challenge of archery, the pleasure of bush walking and the fun of camping.

Some of the games that we play include Field rounds, IFAA rounds and 3D rounds. Shoots are held at the club grounds at least twice a month, and inter-club competitions are held on a regular basis.

You won't find a friendlier Archery Club on the coast with State, National and international Archery Champions willing to help you develop.



"Our sport combines the challenge of archery, the pleasure of bush walking and the fun of camping."